About us

Since our start in 1977, the Ambtman team has grown into a close-knit group of professionals. 

We are passionate, committed, and dedicated to the same goal every day: working efficiently to connect suppliers and customers. All from a solid foundation, namely a good relationship between us and your organization. 


As a link between various parties, connecting people is highly valued by us. Bringing people into contact, clear communication, and strong relationships make the difference.


With over 45 years of experience in the world of import and export, we have developed into a loyal partner of various renowned brands.


The world of import and export requires flexibility. At Ambtman, we have a generous dose of that. We always think in possibilities, keep our heads cool, and never lose sight of our common goal.

Ambtman has a lively history

Passion for the job can only be created from a shared passion. That began in 1977 when founder L.J.C. Ambtman traveled the world, looking for suitable products to sell in the Netherlands. His varied trade in groceries quickly evolved into a specialization in cookies, biscuits, (breakfast) cereals and bread substitutes. 

Today, the love for import, export, and distinctive products still forms the basis. For both our team of experts and our own group of international suppliers. This has made Ambtman grow into a loyal, versatile, and flourishing import and export partner. 

Our team of experts

The experienced advisors who are there for you every day. Together, we are the ideal mix of fresh knowledge, years of experience, professionalism, and a dash of humor.  

Melanie Dee

Commercial Administrative & Logistics Associate

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L.J.C. Ambtman


Mignon Ottevanger

Commercial Administrative & Logistics Associate

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