Lagosal Dead Sea/Bath salts

Lagosal Dead Sea/Bath salts 4X500 Grams 

Treat yourself to a spa experience with Lagosal Dead Sea Bath Salts. Lagosal Dead Sea/bath salts offer a luxurious way to unwind and relax in your own bathroom.


EAN Consumer unit:4003885601368
Dimension CE (h*w*d) mm :209 x 133 x 48
Weight CE:500 grams
EAN Sales unit:4003885613682
Dimensions HE (h*w*d) mm:85 x 220 x 240
Packing HE:Bocks
Number of CE in box :4
Nett weight kg HE:2
Gross weight kg HE:2,2
Minimum exp:na
Pallet type :Euro 80x120
HE per layer:15
Layer per pallet:15
HE per pallet:225
Loading height goods cm :127,5
Loading height incl pallet cm:141,9

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