Ambtman Table Salt

Ambtman Table Salt 10X750 Grams

Turn every meal into a culinary feast with Ambtman Table Salt, the perfect finishing touch for your dishes. Our table salt is ideal for use at the table, where it can reveal its unique flavor and texture. Sprinkle liberally over salads, pasta, grilled dishes and more to enhance the natural flavors of your culinary creations.


EAN Consumer unit:8716496560226
Dimension CE (h*w*d) mm :204 x diameter 70
Weight CE:750 grams
EAN Sales unit:8716496560233
Dimensions HE (h*w*d) mm:210 x 150 x 340
Packing HE:Tray
Number of CE in box :10
Nett weight kg HE:7,5
Gross weight kg HE:8,2
Minimum exp:90 days
Pallet type :Euro 80x120
HE per layer:18
Layer per pallet:6
HE per pallet:108
Loading height goods cm :126
Loading height incl pallet cm:140,4

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